Birds in flight form a victory sign.
House-tops upside down are heavy
Triangles. Will you hang from them?
Lay out along the eaves, down-facing.
Take a partner. Pick a corner.
Form a wall together.

Technically, it takes four all told. I’d come
Along if asked. I’d pack a picnic flask.
Our outdoor couch wore a beautiful skein
Until the heat. Now no one sits.
No one at all has feet. It is pretty
Embarrassing for all involved.

Tough times for talking, these,
But I can make the jokes last awhile.
Oh, me: the humorous corner!
Dirty looks from the sad one: the lonely,
Pretty corner. I’m set to be the envy
Of the other two. Let me tell you,
Birds in flight form a heavy sign.
House-tops upside down
Are falling triangles.


George Ducker lives in little cottage by the freeway. His work has appeared in The AwlThe BelieverBookforum and The Rumpus. Follow his occasional posts on Instagram @georgeno4 if you’re so inclined.

Art by David Delgado, “The Days Of Daisies Are Long Gone”

Thursday, August 18 2016