Armillaria by C.C. Hannett

Armillaria by C.C. Hannett

C.C. Hannett writes about cobweb grottos in the PNW. He lives with his wife and two cats. Photo illustration by Jessica Herrera

Flora by Lucas Bailor

Flora by Lucas Bailor

Lucas Bailor is an emerging writer originally from Moreno Valley, CA. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Angel City Review, SHARKPACK Poetry Review, and POST(blank).
Stainless Steel Transubstantiation by Christopher Porcaro

Stainless Steel Transubstantiation by Christopher Porcaro

Christopher Porcaro is an artist from Los Angeles. His first collection of poetry," Movable Parts," will be available soon. Instagram: @altar_cola
Lost In Visceral Bliss by D. Dallas

Lost In Visceral Bliss by D. Dallas

D.Dallas studied Creative Writing and Philosophy at NYU’s Gallatin School. She has been published in Mud Fish, Nocturnal Lyric, The Café Review, The New York Quarterly 34th Parallel, Anti-Heroin Chic, Vending Machine and The Opiate.
Six Prose Poems by Parker Tettleton

Six Prose Poems by Parker Tettleton

Parker Tettleton is a vegan Leo living in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of OURS MINE YOURS (Pity Milk Press 2014), GREENS (Thunderclap Press 2012), & SAME OPPOSITE (Thunderclap Press 2010) .
"Following the Self-Repair Manifesto" by Tonya Eberhard

“Following the Self-Repair Manifesto” by Tonya Eberhard

Tonya Eberhard's work has appeared in numerous literary magazines and e-zines. Her most recent work can be found in Picaroon Poetry, Viral Cat, The Voices Project, and The Were-Traveler. She lives in Minnesota.
"Eleven Oxidations of Iron" by Connor Rice

“Eleven Oxidations of Iron” by Connor Rice

Connor Douglas Rice writes poetry between stints at progressive political organizations. His work has appeared in print and online in the Kudzu Review and Weirderary magazine and more. He is currently based in Brooklyn.


Ryan Skaryd lives, writes, and teaches in Orlando where he is currently an MFA candidate in nonfiction at the University of Central Florida. Find him on Instagram @ryanohrama.
"Currency" by Christian Anton Gerard

“Currency” by Christian Anton Gerard

Christian Anton Gerard is the author of Holdfast (C&R Press, early 2018) and Wilmot Here, Collect For Stella (WordTech, 2014). He’s received Pushcart Prize nominations and Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference scholarships. He loves love and woodworking. Gerard is Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith.
"Shades of Blue" by Charlie Baylis

“Shades of Blue” by Charlie Baylis

Charlie Baylis  is from Nottingham, England. He studies irony in the back of his mind.  He has two pamphlets Elizabeth (agave press) and hilda doolittle´s carl jung t-shirt (erbacce), a poem of his will be featured in the ‘best new British and Irish poets 2017’ (Eyewear Press). 
"Visionary" by Eric Cline

“Visionary” by Eric Cline

Eric Cline is a Pushcart Prize nominee, weekly columnist for Five 2 One Magazine, and the founding Editor-in-Chief of Calamus Journal. His debut poetry chapbook, his strange boy eve, was published by Yellow Chair Press in September 2016. Twitter: @ericclinepoet
"Mound, the Second" by Nanor Abkarian

“Mound, the Second” by Nanor Abkarian

Nanor Lara Abkarian earned her MFA from Mills College and has worked as a teacher, tutor, production manager, and 30-second actress in a feature film. She lives and writes in Los Angeles.