Issue No. 1 was released in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2011, printed on a 17×22 broadside on newsprint (back and front). DUM DUM’s very first issue¬†features postcard interviews, new media literature, hybrid fiction, and more! Issues are available in record stores and independent bookstores throughout Los Angeles, and here in our store.


“How to Leave Cities” by Taleen Kalenderian

“A Conversation between a Man and a Woman at Peet’s Coffee and Tea” by Liska Jacobs


“Heimat” and “The Grey Fox” by Diana Arterian

“The Sleaze and Found Material” by David Scheier


Text Message Interview with Caged Animals and L.A.’s Spider Problem, by Bryxan Amsterdam

Postcard Interview with Dayve Hawk of Memory Tapes, by Taleen Kalenderian


“Notes” by Suzanne Oshinsky

“Punks at Dawn, or an Ode to Vivienne” by Gabrielle Scott


The Horrors’ Skying¬†in words and drawings, by Pedro Juarez and Taleen Kalenderian


“Shhh…” by Zach Plague