For DUM DUM Zine’s fourth issue, we collected an array of “lost” or discarded objects from free bins, lost and founds, and other public places in Los Angeles. We turned the objects themselves into submission prompts, and published 15 selected narratives into our first perfect bound book, created in a limited and numbered edition of 150–half in blue, and half in pink.


You can now PURCHASE ISSUE NO. 4 from our DUMShop.

Issue No. 4 features work from Nick Antosca (“The Girlfriend Game,” writer for JJ Abram’s TV series “Believe”), Olga Zilberbourg (HTMLGIANT), Adam J. Kurtz (, Ian Dick Jones (VICE), Rose Quezada (DUM DUM Zine), Thais Benoit (The Newer York), and more! The cover artist for Issue No. 4 is Bijan Berahimi. CLICK HERE to watch the issues do a little color twerk for your eyes!