[Write a poem about your favorite massacre]

[Write a poem about a massacre in which no one dies]

[Write a poem on the back of a Koran]

[Make your poem lose weight]

[Hang a poem from your family tree]

[Hang from a poem]

[Never write a bird poem]

[Write a poem that never ends]

[Tell your poem you will never leave him (or) her]

[I was harassed by a librarian a few weeks ago]

[Fist fight someone over your poem]

[Write a poem with you on a witness stand wearing a yellow pom-pom hat]

[Write an invisible poem]

[Right a wrong in a poem]

[People who litter are not! human vacuums]

[Write a poem to a librarian]

[Write a poem that has no voice]

[Start out all your poems with youaredisgustingpleasestopmultiplying]

[Never vote for anyone who uses the pronoun “I” more than once]

[Write a literary porn poem]

[Ryan and Laurie are published as fuck!]

[Write a poem that only makes sense to a North Korean]

[Write a poem on the back of a newly-released inmate]

[Write a poem on the outskirts of the moon]

[Write a poem a thank you letter]

[Write a poem a poem]

[Turn your entire family into a monster]



Yvonne Amey is a poet and artist living in Orlando, Florida. Her poems, fiction, and nonfiction have appeared in Vine Leaves Journal, The Cypress Dome, and The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles.


Artwork: Two Lips by Ariel Kessler 
Ariel Kessler is a collector of stories. Her collages encompass lighthearted, colorful imagery in a whimsical world. While in contrast, her photography lets viewers into her private self. Quiet, haunting and evocative. Her work has been exhibited throughout the world. Ariel lives in Boston with her dog and muse, Georgia. Visit her website at www.arielkessler.com or find her on Instagram as @arielkess. 


Wednesday, January 17th 2018