Fill in the appropriate answer:

There [will] / [will not] a day when I wake up in the morning feeling [more] / [less] refreshed than when I first went to bed. The sun will shine outside and birds will [sing] / [cry]. I’ll walk with [purpose] / [shame] towards the people who matter most and [tell] / [not tell] them why they matter so much to me. The words will [flow from] / [remain trapped] within.

I [will not] / [will] have to issue apologies that day. “This [is] / [isn’t] a person who belongs among us!” curious onlookers will exclaim. I shall wave at them and carry along with my [companion] / [shadow]. [Songs] / [Nothing] will be eventually written about me.

My [children] / [turtle] will be proud of who I’ve become. The night will feel [easy] / [like this]. I will look into [your eyes] / [the mirror] with [gratitude] / [gratitude] and say something along the lines of [we were fine after all] / [we were fine after all].


Roberto Carcache is a writer from El Salvador. His first poetry chapbook “A Condensation of Maps” is available now through Dink Press. For more work, visit his website.

Artwork: “Inverse Universe” series by Sean Deckert.

Thursday, June 29th 2017