Trump. North Dakota. Oakland. 2016 has been a straight up disaster.

Between the countless massive tragedies, deaths of beloved artists and friends, and the imminent disgrace of this “presidency” looming over our heads, it feels like the wind has been violently sucked from our sails. We are ending this year on some seriously low notes.


If there is one redeeming factor of this smoldering dumpster fire of a year, it is the fact that Los Angeles, as diverse and creative as ever, is still pumping out amazing music. We at DUM DUM Zine have teamed up to select our favorite #DUMjams of 2016: all by local L.A. artists, all centered on the theme of FUCK FEAR. These songs reflect our anger, terror, and dissent, as well as our decision to embrace our radness and personal power.


It’s okay to feel scared sometimes. We do. We also know that music can serve as a major source of strength, providing us with emotional release and giving us the extra push we need to flip fear the bird and do the work necessary to make our world better.


So DUMmies, jam the fuck out to this playlist. Here’s to keeping the fire of our hope and joy alive. And remember: the world is on fire, but we’re fucking stronger.


–  Julia Gibson, Music Staffer 

 Playlist compiled by DUM Staff:
Taleen Kali, Rosa Quezada, Ian Dick Jones, Julia Gibson.


Thursday, December 7th 2016