hello, it’s discount day save
tons of money free bottle
breakthrough pills no diet
or EXERCISE your parcel
has arrived you missed a call
burial insurance hey it’s Adriana
I saw your pic on Facebook
do u still have a girlfriend?
if you’re ok with married women
just looking 2 get laid
Dr. Oz endorses try them on us
Breitling Gucci Rolex watches
your order is processed Cialis, Viagra
notice of appearance a person
nearby is interested in you
our courier could not confirm delivery
ALERT urgent free will change your life
Please Reply! please reply

Lizi Gilad is a first-generation American of Mexican and Israeli descent. She holds and MFA from UC Riverside’s low residency program and resides in Southern California. Her poems have been published in Amethyst Arsenic, A-Minor, burntdistrict, Thrush, Weave, and others, and are forthcoming in YEW. Her prose can be found at The Rumpus and The Volta blog. Follow her on Twitter @lizinka

Friday, January 8 2016