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Hi's & Byes: #DUMjams December Playlist

Hi’s & Byes: #DUMjams December Playlist

It’s December, DUMmies, which means that 2017 is rapidly coming to a close. We created Hi’s and Byes just for the occasion: a collection of hand-picked #DUMjams from local artists to help you say BYE to the old year and HI to some cool new music. Listen below, and follow DUM DUM Zine’s spankin’ new...
TRACK PREMIERE: dimber -"Manges Tes Morts" #DUMjamsDebut

TRACK PREMIERE: dimber -“Manges Tes Morts” #DUMjamsDebut

Welcome to the very first installment of #DUMjamsDebut, DUM DUM Zine’s newest music feature where we pair a spankin' new track with an intimate, behind the scenes peek on the song from the artist. Check out the track premiere below from our Echo Park punk favs, dimber.
#DUMjams Mini Mix: Midsummer Nightmare

#DUMjams Mini Mix: Midsummer Nightmare

Embrace June Gloom seeping through July and into your August, and don't worry, you're just having a Midsummer Nightmare.