Put a little hunger in it, would you?

I don’t have all day to be capsized

I uncoil in summer

waiting for boys to roll a barrel of watermelons my way

kiss me dry across California

Promise me I can make the noisiest of noise

The ones who think of me are never the ones

I am prettiest when sleepless and sad

Oblivious, effortless selfies

Pornographic fruits cracking milky by the window

My door un-magicked, my attempts

decidedly a cut scene

Nobody is buffering the moon

Each time I text you I lose a coin

There is a server somewhere

holding us all until further instruction





Lauren Eggert-Crowe is the author of four poetry chapbooks, most recently Bitches of the Drought, finalist in the Sundress Publications 2016 Chapbook Competition. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in ghost proposal, Witch Craft Magazine, What Fresh Witch Is This, horse less review, Sixth Finch, and Interrupture. She serves on the leadership team for Women Who Submit. Read her work at laureneggertcrowe.com or find her on Twitter as @laureggertcrowe.


Brianna Burke endeavors exploring and expanding horizons of aquatic life through printmaking. At the moment, she is exploring the contemporary culture of athletes. She has co-founded TEN09, a loose collective of artists in the surrounding Washington, D.C. area. Brianna is a Student-Athlete at George Mason University studying Health Administration.
Find her on tumblr, and @bri_burkey on Instagram.


 Friday, October 27th 2017