my friend draws my tarot:
she tells me to use crystals
to cleanse my heart

but all i really want
is to still find a strand
of your hair on my clothes.

hush now, lindsey child.
that door is closed.
keep it shut.

not every relationship
needs to present
its closing arguments.

someone once told me,
when you leave a good man,
you must make sure
to leave a ghost town
so that if you ever try to come back

there will be nothing left
for you to return to.

the truth is:
it was all so easy

it was so easy to close my eyes
and tell myself, i’m falling into a pit,
and then to fall into that pit.

the truth is:
no one has touched
the back of my neck in five months

my therapist says
that must be hard for you
and i think to myself
damn right,
it is
hard for me

Lindsey Siferd is a college admissions counselor moonlighting as a poet. She has previously been published in the Montucky ReviewCimarron Review, and the Atlanta Review. She lives in Brooklyn and can be found on Twitter at @lindseytalks.
Wednesday, Februrary 14th 2018